This is #MiMittenState

Picture 7

Picture this: a place littered with glistening waterways, surrounded by majestic lakes and filled with thick, green forests. A place where open fields and rolling hills blend into a stunning landscape.

Picture this: a place where innovation and hard work led to unrivaled success. A place where the automobile was reinvented and the nation turned its eyes for guidance.

Picture this: a majestic suspension bridge that many thought could never exist, connecting the uniqueness and statehood of two different yet strikingly similar lands. A place where thousands migrate each summer to find the untold secrets whispering among the lakes and woods and streams.

Picture this: a place home to some of the most talented people and some of the greatest minds ever to walk the earth, from actors to businessmen and women, to athletes and musicians, and even a President of the United States.

Picture this: a state home to the best boating and camping in the summer, and the best skiing and hunting in the fall and winter. A state home to some of the nation’s best universities, award-winning art and world-renowned conventions.

Picture #MiMittenState. What’s your Mitten Story?


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