Cider and Donuts and Wine, Oh MI! Our First Fall Feature

IMG_3749What a weekend for the state of Michigan! For the first time since… a long time ago (we’re not stat people), the Wolverines, Spartans, Chippewas, Broncos, Eagles and Lions all triumphed! And if you’re not a football fan—no worries! Mother Nature decided to bless this great state with one of the nicest fall weekends imaginable.

And what is the best possible activity for a Michigan fall day? Yes—cider mill!

Here at MiMittenState, we’ve visited quite a few unique and interesting cider mills around Michigan—and none have disappointed. (Is that possible, a bad batch of fresh cider and donuts?) But on this fine Monday we’d like to call out special thanks to Parmenter’s Northville Cider Mill & Winery for hosting our casual Sunday visit.img_3747-e1413210451504

Parmenter’s is a special place, tucked just out of view from the rest of the Northville/Novi area and sitting beside the calm Thornton Creek. It’s nice and close to the rest of the busy area, yet isolated in its own corner of nature.

If you’re looking for a cider mill that just has more to offer, this is your place. All the activities almost distracted from the deliciousness of the cider and donuts themselves! (Almost) Beside the large cider mill were other small sheds selling everything from roasted almonds to cotton candy. Local booths also lined the outskirts of the space with handmade treasures.

To the west of the parking lot another red barn stood proud as the winery and brewery, where wines, beers and hard ciders are all created to perfection. Sit outside and enjoy the fall colors and sample them all (we did!). And if you’re a fan of homemade red wine, look no further than the Muse—it’s MiMittenState approved!

IMG_3743Or maybe you’re just looking for a nice stroll by the creek, an afternoon picnic with your significant other while watching the water calmly flow by. Well, that’s always an option too!

Parmenter’s Northville Cider Mill & Winery is truly an exciting and unique destination on a sunny fall day. It is just one more reason we love this land. One more reason we call #MiMittenState home.


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