Snapshot from the Past: Chevy’s El Camino is Born!

In a world where crossover vehicles, like the Ford Escape or Dodge Journey, seem to be the popular choice among car buyers, we are reminded today that this concept is far from original.

Chevy El Camino
Photo Credit: Alden Jewell.

It was, after all, fifty-six years ago (Oct. 16, 1958) that Michigan auto giant General Motors introduced its brand-new Chevrolet El Camino to the automotive scene.

Designed to serve as both a car and truck in order to compete with the Ford Ranchero, the El Camino capitalized on innovation and originality to score wild success in the auto market–though that success didn’t come easily.

The vehicle was discontinued by Chevy after only an initial two-year run. However, after a few tweaks to the design the El Camino was brought back into production, making a strong run from 1964 to 1987–and staking its place in American car history.

Though vastly different from any vehicle on the road today, save possibly the Subaru Baja, the El Camino garnered mass popularity in its heyday. If you’re looking to catch a glimpse of one of these puppies cruising down the road, you’ll have to take a drive down Woodward in mid-August–because the only place the El Camino lives today is in Classic Car Glory.


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