A Rise in Greatness: Water Levels of the Great Lakes

What’s going on out there in the Great Lakes?

Have you heard about this? After 2013’s record-low water levels, the larger lakes of Superior, Huron and Michigan are rising faster than they have in decades!

Photo Credit: Lida.
Photo Credit: Lida.

Let me take a step back–it’s not ALL about the Great Lakes, it’s about this state as a whole and the overbearing weather we’ve been put through.

According to the Detroit Free Press, this new trend is due to a “complex set of contributing factors that includes a rainy spring; heavy snow-pack and high water content in the snow; ground saturation, and less lake evaporation and more rain over the past several months.”

Yes, I think we all remember the heavy snow.

Photo Credit: Gavin Clabaugh.
Photo Credit: Gavin Clabaugh.

And yes, at least those Michiganders in the Metro Detroit area remember the rain and all the subsequent flooding.

Photo Credit: Brian.
Photo Credit: Brian.

That’s all happened already. It’s in the past. What we really want to know now is, what’s in store for our future?

The messages are conflicting. Some are reporting a winter as cold as last year; some are reporting a little more mild. So how do we know what’s going to happen?

The answer: we don’t.

The Great Lakes are such a symbolic force in this great state, a pride with which we hang our hats and wear T-shirts to prove it. They are where we take our vacations and our summer family photos. They are where we go swimming and boating, and we sit on the beach to watch the red sun sink beyond them, to a place we have no interest in knowing. Because we are already home, right here, in Michigan.

Take care of the lakes, as they’ve taken care of us with memories and beautiful sights tourists from other (less fortunate) states travel miles to witness. Donate to companies like the Great Lakes Protection Fund or Great Lakes Proud (I know you’ve seen those stickers on cars) and do everything you can to help preserve them. They deserve it.

We all want to keep enjoying this…

Photo Credit: Rachel Kramer.
Photo Credit: Rachel Kramer.



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