Celebrities who WISH they lived in Michigan

It’s no secret that Michigan is a popular place to visit, but there are quite a few celebrities taking notice of our great state.

Photo Credit: JustJarred.
Photo Credit: JustJared.
Just days ago, Neil Patrick Harris was quoted on WJR during an interview with Paul W. Smith saying how much he loves Michigan. His husband David Burtka grew up in Canton, attended Salem High School and graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Fine Arts. Harris has also posted a few Instagram photos of his time visiting the Mitten with family.

Michigan has recently been a popular filming location for movies such as Transformers, Scream 4 and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (just to name a few).  Mark Wahlberg was spotted at the Big House and other locations around the Mitten, repping his maize and blue tee shirt. In an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Wahlberg said he had a blast filming in Detroit and that it had it all, “art, music, food–everything’s great.”

But it’s not all Wolverines for these visiting celebs! The new Batman star Ben Affleck just recently made an appearance at the Michigan State football weight room, before coach Dantonio asked him to address the team—which he then did!

Photo Credit: barstoolsports.com.
Photo Credit: barstoolsports.com.
You know that little known singer… I think she goes by Madonna? Well she loves our state too! She grew up in Rochester Hills and attended the University of Michigan for a small time before leaving for New York to pursue a career in music. Her daughter, Lourdes, is a freshman at UofM in the school of Music Theatre & Dance, and the two have been spotted around Ann Arbor.

A few more celebrities spotted loving the Mitten state include Ashton Kutcher, David Arquette, Erin Cummings, Miley Cyrus, Leonardo DiCaprio, the cast of American Pie and many more. Their lives may be charmed… but they don’t get to wake up every morning to a gorgeous view over the Great Lakes. They don’t get to cheer on our Spartans, Wolverines, Tigers and Lions each week in person. They don’t get to call Michigan home.

It’s their loss!


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