A Salute to Michigan Craft Beer

via Instagram, @FoundersBrewing
via Instagram, @FoundersBrewing

Today, October 27th, is considered “National American Beer Day” by most. However, here at The Up North Reader, we’d like to narrow that scope slightly and celebrate a specific elite class within that category–Michigan craft brewing!

via Instagram, @BellsBrewery
via Instagram, @BellsBrewery

Michigan has become known as a hotbed for craft breweries, and it seems that wherever your Mitten getaway lands you, there is a unique and delicious craft brewery not too far away. According to the Pure Michigan website, Michigan is “fifth in the nation in the number of breweries, microbreweries and brewpubs.”

We all have our favorite. Whether it’s Bell’s, or Founders, or Short’s, or New Holland, or Frankenmuth, or Cheboygan, or Atwater, or any of the dozens and dozens of others, there’s a special bottle with a clever name and a unique logo that we can all claim as our personal choice. You can vote for yours right here on our page!

The positive reviews on the various brews are endless!

via Instagram, @ShortsBrewing
via Instagram, @ShortsBrewing

There have even been Michigan craft brewery tours created by the various brewers and organizations. If you haven’t taken one yet, or even if you have for that matter, you need to check them out!

Are you a stout person? Give Founders Breakfast Stout a try. Maybe you’re an IPA fan? Look no further than Short’s Bonafide Legit. Or, maybe lighter beers are your thing? That’s easy–pick up some of Cheboygan’s La Cerveza.

The selection is outstanding for whatever your palate desires. Head out to your local party store, find the ‘Michigan’ section and grab whatever looks most appealing. You’ll love it.

Cheers, friends!


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