An Honest Evaluation of the State of Michigan

Today marked National “Evaluate Your Life” Day. So as the sun finally sets and the weekend draws to an end, we decided to do just that… Here is our evaluation:

We boast the longest freshwater shoreline in the world, lined with 116 majestic lighthouses…

Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley.
We are home to four consecutive Central Division Championships…

Photo Credit: Kristina.
The country’s top-ranked public university lies in our own Ann Arbor…

Photo Credit: Phil Dokas.
The defending Big Ten and Rose Bowl Champions live here…

Photo Credit: George Andrews.
The third-oldest settlement in the United States is right in our own Upper Peninsula…

Photo Credit: Stuart Rankin.
We created the greatest cereals you’ve ever tasted right here in the Cereal Capital of the World

Photo Credit: cncphotos.
We proud Michiganders will put our Mackinac Bridge up against any in the world, for both size and beauty…

Photo Credit: Dee.
What kind of car do you drive? There’s a good chance it’s a product of the Motor City

Photo Credit
Oh, and lastly… It looks like this in the winter…

Photo Credit: gerrybuckel.
This is the spring…

Photo Credit: James Marvin Phelps.
This is the summer…

Photo Credit: Pete Lounsbury.
And this in the fall…

Photo Credit: Bugsy.
Yep, we’d call our evaluation of our lives pretty exceptional. This is #MiMittenState, and we’re proud to call it home.



  1. I didn’t know much about MI even though I grew up in Chi…after spending weeks and weeks visiting the place…man. I got a good look at the dirty D, K-zoo, Ypsilanti, Muskegon, Ravenna, the whole western coast and most of the UP from Wisconsin to Whitefish Bay…I was staggered by the sunrises and sets, the social openness of the people I met, and the miles and miles of beautiful countryside.

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  2. Very nice, Michigan has a lot to offer. I spent 8 years there, found the people to be warm and friendly, began my interest in photography there. Enjoyed all seasons, had a chance to see many major cities there while at conventions from Detroit to the U.P., Kalamazoo to Traverse City, Battle Creek to Escanaba. Sweet memories. ☺

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