Farewell fall: Celebrate the colors, hold your breath for winter

Following a seemingly never-ending winter that saw record-breaking snowfall, and then skipping spring right into a mild summer, this state deserved a beautiful fall.

Photo Credit: Julie Falk.

Well, that’s just what it got.

As we move into November, we’re all but completely past the fall colors in Michigan, but they treated us well this year. While parts of the state, such as the western U.P. or the Gaylord area, have been well out of the color season for weeks now, most of us are just starting to come to the anxious realization that autumn is now gone and that all too familiar feeling of an oncoming winter is rapidly approaching.

It’s been a scenic fall for the Mitten. For two months, we’ve had the pleasure of drinking cider, taking drives and hikes through the beautifully colored woods and enjoying the captivating Pure Michigan autumn ads on a crisp and sunny October morning.

The fall has treated Northern Michigan’s tourist industry well also. According to the Traverse City Record-Eagle, October was “a banner month for a tourism-dependent industry.”

Photo Credit: Norm Hoekstra.
Photo Credit: Norm Hoekstra.

The changing of the seasons isn’t all bad news though. We still have a few months until the heart of winter sets in and we can all be freezing and depressed. Until then, we still get to experience amazing Thanksgiving celebrations, and then carry that right into the December holidays and New Years.

It seems that regardless of the season or time of year, there is always something special to be thankful for in this great state.


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