Educational Testing in the State of Michigan

The State of Michigan released the scores from its new statewide standardized test yesterday, with mixed results.

Photo by Alberto G.

The new results from the exam, called the Michigan Student Test of Educational Progress, or M-STEP, show little improvement over last year’s test, and in some categories the scores fell.

Results in math and science were up from the 2015 scores. The passing rate in math was 37.2%, up 0.3%, and the rate in science was 23.8%, up 2.4%.

However, in English, scores were down 0.5% over last year, to 47.3%, and in social studies they were also down 1.4% from last year, to 30.3%.

The biggest cause for concern over these results, according to the Detroit Free Press, is that “the State School Reform Office has said it intends to use the scores to make decisions about whether to close chronically low-performing schools,” a policy that would disproportionately effect minority children in the state of Michigan. In Detroit, for example, some passing rates for the exam came in below the 5% threshold.

If you are interested in looking up the M-STEP passing rate for a Michigan public school near you, MLive has setup a database search.



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