Summer Heat Breaks Records in Michigan

DETROIT, Mich. — If you happened to think we were having an unusually warm summer, you were spot on.

According to a recent article published by the Detroit News, the 2016 summer, characterized as June through August, was the hottest ever recorded in Detroit, nudging past the previous record from 2012 by 0.1 degree, with a 74.9-degree average.1275-1245718058zjCQ

The National Weather Service, which has been recording weather data for Detroit since 1874, announced that the hottest day of the year came back on July 23 when we saw 98 degrees.

What did it for the area this summer wasn’t any particularly scorching day, but according to meteorologist Dave Krook, “We were just consistently warm throughout the summer months with fairly warm minimum temperatures.”

Northern Michigan saw its share of hot days as well. In Gaylord, the average temperature for the summer came in at 68 degrees, while the hottest day reached 93 degrees. Traverse City had an average of 71, with a max temperature of 94 as well, while Marquette saw its hottest day at 91 degrees.


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