Michigan Rattlers Band Prepares to Release Debut Album

They are the Michigan Rattlers, and if you’ve never heard of them, allow us to introduce you.

Photo from Facebook. Credit: @benjaminpughh

Originally from Petoskey, the Michigan Rattlers are two guys, Graham Young and Adam Reed, who have been friends for years and share one very strong passion for creating music.

Following college, Young moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in music, and shortly thereafter convinced high school friend Reed to make the journey as well. The two played together back in Petoskey, but as Young told the Petoskey News-Review, “We are trying to quit our day jobs.”

Considered a hybrid between rock ‘n roll and country, the Michigan Rattlers are set to release their debut album sometime over the next couple months. It was originally slated for September 6.

They frequently mention northern Michigan in their songs, and even have one called Brutus Road—a tribute to a back road in Emmet County.

Take a listen to their first single, Illinois Sky:


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