New Michigan Bill Would Allow Dogs on Restaurant Patios

Pack up the pooches—they may now be able to come with you to lunch!

Photo by Molly Marshall.

Last Wednesday, September 7th, the Michigan Senate passed Bill 727, 32-4, which would allow dog owners to eat in outdoor dining areas at restaurants with their dogs. Current law prohibits dogs from entering outdoor restaurants.

The bill must still pass the House, where it is now, before seeking the governor’s signature to become law.

Any patrons who bring dogs to outdoor patios, under the new law, would have to keep them on a leash at all times. It would also be prohibited to allow a dog to pass through an indoor area of the restaurant to gain access to the outdoor patio. Restaurant owners would not be required by law to allow dogs at their establishments.

According to a Detroit Free Press article, the state expects strong support from local restaurant owners.



  1. This is good news, but I am surprised that it’s currently not allowed. I’ve seen many dogs in outdoor seating in metro Detroit; a few restaurants even put up “dogs welcome!” signs. A few places make you keep the dog outside of the gated area, but I’ve been to plenty with non-service dogs right inside the outdoor seating area.


  2. It seems the folks in Lansing have too much free time. Honestly, I would not eat on a patio with a dog staring at me eating. I’ll find another place to eat. 😬


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