My Michigan My

A children’s poem by Lisa Ortlieb

Mackinac Bridge from the air.

Oh My Michigan
My Michigan My
Splishing splashing in the lakes
My Michigan My

Micha Micha Mac-in-acka
Mackinac My
Horses clop and nod their heads
My Michigan My

Harbor Harbor Glens of Arbor
From the shore I spy
Dunes of sand such blessed land
My Michigan My

Lafayette et Epoufette
Marquette et Charlevoix
Isle Royale et Lac LaBelle
Ma Michigan My

Motor City fisty his’try
Everyone could drive
Finest cars rolled off the lines
My Michigan My

Photo by Kevin Dooley.

The mostest coast of all our states
Look about you! motto cries
Peninsulas so pleasant here
My Michigan My

Petoskeys prove warm waters
Flowed ‘cross our land so wide
Coral Fossil Hexagonal
Michigan My!

Share with me some cherries please
So we can make a pie
Hills of trees sway in the breeze
My Michigan My

All four seasons give us reason to reflect with pride
Goodnight goodnight friend Michigan
My Michigan My



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