How to Celebrate Halloween in Michigan

Here in the Midwest, and especially in Michigan, the changing leaves and cool temperatures make for not only a perfect fall, but also an ideal Halloween (ignore this year’s forecast)! So how does one celebrate Halloween in such an excellent place?

Everyone has their own way of celebrating this holiday. Some people are party animals, looking to throw on a crazy costume and head out to a Halloween party or two. Some like to carve pumpkins and sit back on their porch and hand out candy to the seemingly endless flow of trick-or-treaters that will inevitably shout that famous phrase. Maybe you’re the kind of person who likes to cuddle up on the couch for a dark and scary horror flick. Or maybe the movies are realistic enough and it’ll take a haunted house or hayride to really get your adrenaline flowing. Regardless of your mode of celebration preference, we’ve got you covered in Michigan!

Let’s start with those of us who are pumpkin-carvers. The possibilities are endless when it comes to showing off your pride for your state (or your school, for that matter). Check out a few of these designs and give one a try for yourself!

Photo Credit: Kathy Whitley
Photo Credit: Chris

If you’re a movie fan, take a peek at some of these films! Both The Evil Dead and The Evil Dead II star Royal Oak native Bruce Campbell, and the original features five characters attending Michigan State University. There’s also The Crow, a Devil’s Night flick based in Detroit. Or how about 2009’s The Steam Experiment, based in Grand Rapids.

Photo Credit: Asim Bijarani
Photo Credit: Asim Bijarani

Or if you just want to sit down by spooky candlelight with a book, we can recommend Michigan author Christopher Knight’s book Bestseller. It’s set in the Upper Peninsula and a movie adaptation was released in 2015.

Okay, now for those haunted house fans out there—Michigan is full of these things! It seems wherever you are, whether Southeast Michigan, West Michigan, or Northern Michigan, there is a haunted hayride accompanied by a spooky mansion to test your bravery. Don’t just take our word for it, check out the best haunted houses to visit in the state!

Lastly, for those of us dressing up in costumes and wanting to sport a little local flare, check out these unique Michigan ideas!

Photo Credit: MSU
Photo Credit: Kayla Arnold
Photo Credit: Grafixation
Photo Credit: Noemí Caballero Córdoba


  1. Fun! My husband is from Michigan and we were just there enjoying the awesome leaves in the Lansing area. Though I’m still partial to Wisconsin’s awesome colors 🙂


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