Soaking in Michigan’s Shoreline from Above

It’s our home state, and we Michiganders have traveled every inch of the Mitten. Now, thanks to the Smithsonian Channel,  we can see its beauty from the sky.

Originally airing in 2012, the below clip features the stunning shorelines of the Great Lakes, mainly along Michigan’s northern coast. Without a doubt, Michigan has some of the most unique and beautiful coastlines—especially when you factor Pictured Rocks, the Straits of Mackinac or the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. It has, after all, the longest freshwater coastline in the United States and is second only to Alaska for total shoreline.

This is part of a series called “Aerial America” that began in 2010 and is still running. Initially focusing on individual states, the show has now shifted to unique themes—such as The Wild West or Roadside Attractions—for each episode, as the 50 states have all been covered. They have now run 67 episodes and counting.

To watch the full Michigan episode, visit the official website.





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