Donald Trump Turns Michigan Red

At times it was gritty. Other times uncivilized. There were cheap shots and scandals and, occasionally, the discussion of policy. This election cycle put the American people through the wringer. But now, thankfully, it’s all over.

img_0007Ladies and gentlemen, presenting President Trump.

Republican nominee Donald Trump pulled ahead of democratic challenger Hillary Clinton last night to win the Electoral College, with a vote of 306-232.

In the state of Michigan, Trump took 47.6% of the vote to Clinton’s 47.3%. That’s a total vote of 2.277 million for Trump to claim all of Michigan’s 16 electoral votes. His margin of victory in the Great Lakes State was just 13,225 votes.

For much of the election cycle, Michigan was considered a win for democrats. However, leading into the final days of the campaign, Michigan quickly became a battleground state for helping to determine the winner of the presidency. This presidential election marked the first time Michigan turned red since George H.W. Bush in 1988.

So what went wrong for the Clinton campaign? For one, the polling was way off. States like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania were widely considered blue heading into the election, and all three turned red. Trump also went into battleground states like Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Iowa and won by even wider margins than he was polling pre-election.

For months, the Trump campaign has been saying there is a “hidden vote” of supporters that were not being captured by polling data. CNN described many of these people as “leaners” who were unwilling to publicly voice their support for the candidate, but would lean in and whisper to close friends and family members.

Does this trend of “leaners” point to how the next four years will play out? Are the millions of Americans who elected Trump proud that they elected him? Or does this vote say more about Hillary Clinton?

Time will tell. But in his victory speech, Trump said, “I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all Americans.”

We’ll hold him to that.



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