Here Comes the Sun: Warm Temperatures to Arrive in Northern Michigan

Ready or not, we are about to experience a rare—and possibly record-breaking—warmup for January in Michigan.

The 10-day forecast for Gaylord, Mich, according to The Weather Channel.

According to MLive, there is more than an 80 percent chance that we see temperatures above normal over the next week or two.

The Weather Channel is also forecasting that beginning tomorrow (1/16) in Gaylord, the high temperature will be above freezing at least through next Tuesday (1/24). The warmest stretch during that time period is Thursday (1/19) to Sunday (1/22), when the high will be in the 40’s each day.

Downstate, cities could see temperatures reach the 50’s.

This will not be the first time warm temperatures plagued—or blessed, depending on your view on the winter season—the northern Michigan region. In December 2015, many ski resorts in the area had a difficult time opening for the season due to warm temperatures.


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