Mid-Winter Warmup for Michigan Continues

The sun is out and the waves are rolling along the unfrozen Great Lakes.

That of course would be normal were it June, but it’s February. That’s sometimes just how it goes in Michigan—the “wait five minutes, it’ll change” state.

As meteorologists across the Mitten forecast continued warm temperatures, Michiganders far and wide celebrate. Though at the same time, as meteorologists across the state forecast continued warm temperatures, Michiganders far and wide sulk at the prospect of a winter lost. We’re a conflicted people, aren’t we?

Was this not the winter that saw Gaylord receive a record snowfall in December? So how can the temperatures reach the 60’s in February, less than two months down the road, in the heart of the winter? Wait five minutes.

The warmup began over the past weekend, reaching the 50’s in many northern Michigan towns, and easily breaking into the 60’s in the lower parts of the state. It continued Monday, and then today, setting records. And according to the Weather Channel, the highs in cities such as Traverse City, Gaylord and Alpena will once again be nearing 60 in Wednesday’s forecast. In fact, the highs will not dip back into the 30’s until Saturday in some areas.

Looks like for this warmup, five minutes may not be long enough. We say: enjoy it while it lasts!




  1. I was going to say, how hard are these temperatures hitting the snowmobile and skiing industries? Not good. My family drove from Oakland County to Roscommon and other counties in the 70’s most weekends to ride our sleds. I can recall weekends that were basically too warm for the sled engines, and poor snow conditions. Not good for the skis or tracks!

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