The New Tallest Building in Detroit

For all of its flaws, Detroit has always remained an iconic American city. It boomed in the early part of the twentieth century. As the largest city in Michigan, Detroit has long stood as a beacon for how our state would persevere and succeed.

While it’s no longer one of the five largest cities in the United States (falling to No. 21), it is home to one of the most iconic skylines—a skyline that hasn’t seen much change in quite some time. But that’s going to change.

Newly planned skyscraper. Photo from Bedrock Real Estate.

Ironically, the best view of this American city’s skyline comes from the Canadian side of the Detroit river. It starts with the Renaissance Center and its seven towers. Then comes One Detroit Center, with others like the Penobscot Building, the Guardian Building and Book Tower all standing proudly around it.

Since the construction of the Renaissance Center in 1977, it has laid claim to the “tallest building in Detroit” title, standing at 727 feet. Prior to the RenCen, the Penobscot Building was the tallest building in Detroit, towering 565 feet in the air.

Starting sometime in 2020, the RenCen may need to relinquish its standing as the tallest building. Yesterday, Bedrock Real Estate, the company owned by businessman Dan Gilbert that has been helping to develop much of Downtown Detroit in recent years, announced plans to build a new skyscraper on the site of the old Hudson Building.

This new structure, tentatively being called Hudson’s for now, will stand 734 feet, according to proposed plans, and will encompass both residential and commercial spaces.

If the funding is secured, construction will begin in December 2017.


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